Soon after graduating in 1999 with a BA (First Class Hons) Photography from the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, UK, Mark Roberts upped stakes and moved to Finland, where he has spent the intervening years working as an artist, writer, and creative professional. He currenlty lives in Helsinki.

Outside the arts, he has a broad range of experience, having worked as a copywriter, copy editor, scriptwriter, proofreader and creative director in sectors as diverse as advertising, game development, and scientific & academic research.

In 2009 he gained an MA in Film Scriptwriting from the University of Salford.

He is an avid backpacker, and operates the popular outdoor blog Backpacking North.

In his spare time he enjoys biking and brewing his own fine artisanal beers. 

Photographic expertise

  • travel photography and reportage
  • magazine/news commissions
  • product shoots (specialising in on-location work)
  • event commissions
  • all-season outdoor & expedition photography
  • architectural & interior

Writing expertise:

  • story and script development
  • fiction / non-fiction copy editing & proofreading
  • academic copy editing & proofreading
  • copywriting and concept design
  • scriptwriting
  • publishing articles, reviews, reports (online and print)


Stock photography: iStock | Shutterstock

Rainio & Roberts visual art site: www.rainioroberts.com

Backpacking North: www.backpackingnorth.com