Haida 10-stop ND 3.0 Filter and NiSi 100mm Filter Holder — Quick Review by Mark Roberts

I recently decided to upgrade my Formatt HiTech 10 stop ND filter. It was a cheap(ish) and cheerful aquisition, but the heavy blue-magenta colour cast, while not impossible to clear up, was a bit annoying. Plus the filter is plastic, and already has a small scratch on it.

The big player, and most obvious choice for an upgrade, in the pro ND filter market is, of course, LEE and their Big Stopper, but their prices and availability put me off. It's very nice kit, but I'd be perfectly happy with something that doesn't make me feel like a sucker every time I see it. 

Then I heard about the Haida 100mm ND 3.0 filter and Nisi filter holders.

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Sun Arise by Mark Roberts

It took a few days, but the sun finally broke through the clouds for a full day last week. As we'd just had about a week of constant snow, it was hard to resist grabbing the skis and heading out to the top of Ounasvaara.

This was the first time since October that I put the polarizing filter back on the lens, and straight away I was glad I did. With a gentle twist, it brought out the deep blue of the sky, and accentuated the golden sunlight licking the trees.

The exposure was almost perfect - only a little adjustment of shadows and clarity in Lightroom were needed, and a quick trip into Nik Color Efex for a contrast adjustment.

For me, it evokes the feeling of the day: that you could just strap on some skis and go on forever.