Professional Copy Editing and Proofreading

There's nothing I hate more than picking up a book or publication, skimming through a few pages, and thinking, "Why didn't they hire a proofreader?"

Badly formulated text or marketing copy can damage your credibility, your reputation, and ultimately your brand. I hate to see a person's or company's hard work suffer from a poorly chosen word, or a clumsily constructed sentence.

I work as a copywriter, and in the past I've written extensively for major companies such as Nokia and Sonera. I know how to clearly communicate, and how to reach customers using language they are familiar with. When it comes to corporate communication, image is everything, and what you say has a huge influence on how you are perceived.

I specialise in proofreading and editing all kinds of texts, from marketing copy to academic articles, publications and PhDs. Being well read is what makes a good writer, and I enjoy reading widely to increase my knowledge of a broad range of subjects. From media culture anthologies, to cultural history, to scientific papers, I'm happy to put the final polish on your texts, or give them a thorough copy edit.

Proofreading or copy editing?

What's the difference? I'm often asked to give a text a quick proofread, but to be frank, most of the time, texts written by non-native English speakers need copy editing first. There are various regionally-specific misuses of English that can make any text difficult to read. Writers from different countries tend to adopt sentence structures that need to be realigned in order to be more easily readable. This is the kind of work I excel at: taking a text and improving it, while maintaining the intended meaning.

When you receive a text back from me, you'll get two versions: a finalised edit with comments, and a version with every edit visible. I will always comment on sections where I found the meaning hard to determine, or where I have had to make major adjustments to sentence structure. And most importantly, I'll try to do it without hurting your feelings. I know writing can be tough – I just want to help you make your work shine.

Naturally, the copy editing process take a lot more time than a simple proofread, but because I know that sometimes budgets are limited, I'm happy to keep my rates flexible so that you can get a perfectly readable, flowing text without the need for a second mortgage.


Whether it's an article, a book, or your PhD thesis, I can give your words the final polish they need.

Please contact me to get a quick assessment of your text, and a quote.


Please don't risk your business or your livelihood with poorly-written marketing copy! With my experience as a copywriter for major international companies, I can improve any text, and elevate your company in the process.

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