Visionary Copywriting

Words & Pictures. The subtitle of the site says it all.

I believe words should be chosen carefully to paint vivid, spectacular pictures. Pictures that tell powerful stories, convey meaningful messages, and build evocative dreams.

That's what I love to do. 

I've worked as a copywriter for some of the largest companies in Finland. I wrote copy for Nokia Mobile Phones when Nokia was the greatest phone company in the world, and I love to think that the words I put on the page (or in this case, online) were read by millions, and helped to make their products the desirable objects they really were.

Since going independent, I've worked with a large range of clients, from arts festivals to construction companies, from snowmobile manufacturers to high-end, luxury travel agencies. The variety of work has strengthened my ability to write convincingly in many genres and styles, and convey messages in clear, simple language that builds trust and connects with readers.

I pride myself on empathising with clients and their customers. I believe that is the core work of the copywriter: to be able to get inside people's minds and help them speak in a way that comes from the heart. You have to know and understand people to do that.

I excel in pulling out the pieces of information that matter to customers, and in communicating stories that build brands. When I write, I put myself in your shoes: I'm as passionate about your company as I am about my own, and I'll put as much effort into writing for you as I would if I were writing for myself. Your success is my success.


Nokia Mobile Phones

Club Nokia

BMP / Lynx

Cohu Experience / Space Nation


Flatlight Creative House

Lapland Film Commission

Luxury Action

Lapland Studio

Fragment Games

Avanto Festival

Helsinki Juhlaviikot

Flow Festival



Copywriting for marketing / advertising, online or print

Building brand identity

Story development

Stylistically adaptable writing in any genre

Concept design

Game scriptwriting

Screenwriting (from promo videos to feature films)

Movie tie-in promotions


Social media marketing

Wide range of experience from corporate to arts

Professional, adaptable, responsible.


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