Scriptwriting & Script Editing

While working as an independent artist, I became more and more interested in filmmaking and screenwriting, and iIn 2009 I completed an MA Film Screenwriting at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester..

I specialise in genre fiction screenwriting for television, cinema, and games. I believe that a strong theme drives a well-written script, and to get that across to audiences, I like to combine indie attitude with blockbuster ambition. Why? I want my characters' stories, and the underlying themes, to reach as many people as possible. I firmly believe that art can make a difference. And stories are the way into people's hearts.

I come to screenwriting from the visual arts. I started writing short films and scripts for my artistic projects, and found myself drawn more and more into the world of words. For me, scriptwriting represents a purity of form. It's all in the essence; with a screenplay, every scene, every sentence, every word must be perfectly chosen to tell the story, and do it clearly, visually, and thrillingly. A script has to grab you by the balls and drag you along through the streets, across the mountains, into the pits os despair, and back out again into the light.

It's a journey. It's life. And it all happens in 120 pages or less.


I have five completed movie scripts and a couple on the boil, a stack of shorts, a series of produced art films, and more movie ideas than I will ever have time to write.

I've also worked on commercial projects, writing, among other things, game scripts for Nokia, and a long-form, cinematic iOS adventure script featuring Wesley Snipes.

If you have a story you need telling, and you need the nuance only a native English speaker can bring, please drop me a line.

Script Editing

Sometimes you have a script, but it's lacking something special. Maybe it's written by a non-native English speaker, and just doesn't sound quite right. Maybe it's been translated and needs a polish into script formatting. Maybe the dialogue needs some work to make it sound more naturalistic. Or perhaps it just needs a page one rewrite.

If any of this sounds familiar, I'm here to help. Contact me.

Previous Work

Film Screenplays

A feminist Western

The Ungrateful Dead
A geek and a ghost go on a mythical rite of passage

IKEA - The Movie
An flat-packed action comedy (with easy-to-follow instructions)

The Wild Goose Chase
A rom-com gone wrong-com

The nearest planet is a life sentence away

Scriptwriting Competition Placements
Quarterfinalist in Scriptwriting Goldmine (2014) for "The Wild Goose Chase"
Quarterfinalist in Silver Screenwriting Competition (2009) for "The Ungrateful Dead"

Film Festivals

Official Selection
Interfilm 31st International Short Film Festival, Berlin 2015
Leiden International Short Film Experience 2015
Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival, Pamplona 2016
Festival Internationale du Film d'Environement, Paris 2016

Other Recent Screenings
Helsinki Short Film Festival, 2015
Midnight Sun Film Festival, 2015
Mediawave Festival Hungary, 2015
Tampere Film Festival, 2016

Commercial work

Space Nation
Screenwriter for major international space training app
and reality TV show in cooperation with NASA astronaut trainers.
Cohu Experience

Julius Styles: The International, featuring Wesley Snipes
Script for multi-episode iOS game

Northern Visions
Three documentary films on Northwest Russia
as seen through rare archive film footage
AFBARE - Arctiv Center - University of Lapland

Nokia Mobile Phones
Multiple movie tie-in game projects including:
Cats vs. Dogs
Charlies Angels
The Matrix