Story Development & Editing

As a writer, I know that the most important thing you need to do before you start penning scenes, is to get your story straight. 

With my story development support, you'll get a vital second opinion on your characters, story structure, plot, and theme – essential elements in every successfully-told story. Writing doesn't have to be sink or swim. I'll help you elevate and enhance your narrative, so your work will rise to the top of the pool.

It's scary, I know that. Sharing your nascent plot with another person always is. You want encouragement, but you want honesty. I'll give you both. I'll tell you what's good, but I won't hold back if something just isn't working; I'll help you resolve problems, and find a believable, meaningful solution.

If you've already got a first draft on the page, I can help you refine it, give it a polish, and make it shine. You know the saying: the first draft is always... ahem... not the best. I'll point out the parts that are satisfying, or could use some additional work. I'm happy to offer suggestions if that's what you need.

In the end, I want you to succeed. I want to see your book getting rave reviews, or your script getting the blockbuster treatment it deserves. If I can help you along the path to that success, I'll be a happy man.

Confidentiality is, of course, sacrosanct. Your ideas and your fledgling story are like children; you want to protect them. You don't want to find them lurking around the less salubrious areas of the internet. Your words stay between you and me.

For Novelists

I like to work with novelists from an early stage in story development, helping to refine the story arc, and create deep characters that drive the narrative forward. I think believable characters, with well-established backgrounds, desires, and motivation are key to a successful plot.

I'm can slip comfortably into any genre, and have an eye for detail that will help bring depth to your story.

For Scriptwriters

I love scriptwriting. I have a passion for the concise  formatting, and get-to-the-point nature of a well crafted, visual script. With an MA in Screenwriting, I have the knowledge and experience to put the theory to practice.

I can help you develop your story at every stage: from initial idea and treatments, through outlining, and on to the final script itself. I'll help you avoid common script pitfalls, add a sparkle to your dialog, and help make sure your scenes sing to the people that matter.